“There is really no rival to the freedom you feel when it begins to all come together. When you can tune in and ask ‘how do I really feel, in my body, my mind and my inner world and what do I truly want?’ That is real freedom”

— Juliana

One client's testimony

“Today, my doctor said that my blood pressure is better than she's seen it in ages. She said "what did you DO??", so I told her about you and the coaching. She grilled me, and when I told her everything that we were doing she was astonished (and actually clapped her hands when she said "you're JOURNALLING? YAY!"). I told her about the Life Tetris (and showed her, since I was keeping my BP log in the back of my journal, so happened to have it with me).

My doctor has been my doctor for over 20 years. She knows me probably better than I know myself. So when she says that she's so pleased (and astonished) at the results that she's seeing, then I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this process is changing me dramatically. She's always super-skeptical when I tell her that I'm going to change something because I have a history of not sticking to it. This time, she said that she knows it's working because she can see it.

I know we haven't been at this a long time. But when my doctor comments, and tells me that she's "so pleased" with me, then it's... I can't think of a word. Gobsmacking.

Juliana thank you, thank you, thank you for being you, and for guiding me, and for providing such a warm, open, and welcoming space. (And, I imagine, my doctor thanks you, as well!)” - Alison .W

This 8 week bootcamp give you everything it takes to move into your future with clarity and certainty, then execute your desires like a boss

Juliana is a perfect blend of no b.s leader and nurturing mama coach. I highly recommend working with her if you are trying to get anything done. My relationship has never been better and I finally feel like I’m getting things accomplished in a way that I can handle. Do yourself a favour and hire Juliana as a coach. You won’t regret it.
— Alexandra B.

Who is Juliana? What is your story?


I am a life enthusiast fully immersed in the process of understanding people, why they choose the lives they do, and how I can help to bring them into a state of creation.

I spent many years allowing my life to unfold before me, being subject to my environment and letting the outside world determine the inside of my heart state. I spent many years in conflict with my own heart, a recovering perfectionist I now refer to my constant self critic.

In my early 20’s I began a hard search for meaning which took me from churches to the beaches of Cambodia. I was always looking to dig beneath the surface. Vipasana meditation retreats and countless hours of yoga, courses and countries, work experience and new languages, I was accumulating the knowledge of a wise sage, all while deeply longing to fall in love with my own heart.

Through this hard work, I began to see that I held a desire for more. I saw that I could move toward my dreams and once I believed they were possible, I could achieve ANYTHING I decided I would accomplish. I am now dedicating my life to teach others to do the same.

I am now a business owner, a coach, a mom of 3 beautiful children, a fierce woman who is dedicated to her discovery far more than fear.

I created Move To Manifest™ so that I could show you how you need to first see the goal then move toward it with total faith and surrender.

I teach people how to believe in themselves again, how to trust their heart, how to face their hurt and above all else how to manifest their dreams.

Highlands yoga-144.jpg
In truth, we never buy the program, we buy the mentorship and the feeling like someone else has got our back. That is what this is. I’ve got you.
— Juliana

In this program I will guide you back to that voice inside you that has always wanted to do more, say more, BE more. You are a brilliant soul, full of ideas and gifts that are only yours. You may have lost sight of that and that’s ok, I’ll help you to get them back, those deep soulful dreams. We will dig in together and help you create the life of your choosing.

If you are at a time in your life where you’re ready to create something new, ready to tap into radical honesty, ready to uplevel and pull yourself into a state of action, I’m here. I’m a certified Tony Robbins trained coach, teacher and guide. I’m here to take you to the next level of your experience and be there to have your back all along the ride.



8 Weeks to Clarity

& Vision

Who is this program for?

Anyone READY to completely surrender to the process of self discovery to uncover what it is they want [dreams] and how they can achieve what they are looking to create. This program is for you if you’re in a place of struggle, trying to figure out what you want to do in your career or relationship, it’s for you if you’re feeling confused about the next step and how to get back to a place of JOY and true purpose.

What is this program for?

To guide and align you back to your true calling. Holding your hand on your path back to wellness and purpose. To allow you the space to process what you want to achieve in a safe place with a coach who wants to see you achieve your wildest dreams.

What is the philosophy of the program and what does it represent?

I believe that you have everything inside you to create a life that truly makes you happy. In this program you might be introduced to some new concepts involving the law of attraction. It is not however a practice of “positive thinking”. To stand in your garden and chant “there’s no weeds” is crazy making. In this program you will encounter times where you are asked for RADICAL HONESTY. Looking inside and seeing how you’re standing in your own way.

Is this program for business or life coaching?

This is a program where you will be looking deeply within to be able to change your circumstances on the outside. Where I do have business knowledge [as an multi business owning entrepreneur] this course is not specific to business strategy, however this program will make you more productive at work and driven to take action on the goals that you set for yourself. After you complete Move to Manifest™ you are then qualified to apply for the Moved to Monetize™ program, which is a business program for coaches and consultants.

What changes are you seeking to make with this program?

We will take a look at where you are now and curate a system whereby you achieve massive results, taking you from where you are to where you want to go. Everyone’s program is different, however the premise is the same. Guiding you from your current state into a state that inspires you to CREATE a life of your dreams. You should expect to dig deeply into your desires and be willing to do the work in order to achieve them, with a coach who expects action and will hold you accountable to your own choices.

Is this an independent program or a group dynamic?

You will receive one individual coaching session per week where we will map out where you are and where we’re going, as well as future goals. There are 2 group calls/week where we will delve deeper into an understanding of the homework assignments and content of the course. This is a time to connect with others in the group and share, we will have celebrations for your success and hold space for you to process big emotions. Through this experience you might very well create friendships that last far beyond our program.

What are some of the results I can expect from this program?

You will have a greater understanding of where you are and why, as well as a profound understanding of where you’d like to go and the steps to take you there. This program is designed to achieve RESULTS and get you feeling like you’re ready to take on your next project, goal or business endeavor. You might very well choose to pursue that ‘big dream’ and shift into a career where you are your own boss. We are in full support of your progress and will help you along this journey. You can expect Clarity and a sense of knowing where your next step will take you.

Can I continue to coach individually with you after the program?

After Move to Manifest™ you may apply for the program Moved to Monetize™ designed to take your coaching or consulting business and grow you into a profitable pursuit so that you can curate your career in a way that puts YOU in charge. This program is focused on Marketing, Branding, growing an audience, funding and much more. It is a requirement of the Moved to Monetize™ program that you first attend the Move to Manifest™ and our business program only accepts 10 clients yearly.

How do I know if the Move to Manifest program is right for me?

If you’re at a place where you’ve said to yourself “enough is enough, I need to do some real work on my own heart, I just don’t know where to start”

Book a 45 min discovery call where we will discuss where you are at and see if we’d be a good pair in helping you to move toward your dreams. I believe you can achieve anything, and I truly can’t wait to be a part of that journey with you!

People ask what does it take to succeed? HUNGER. You have to set yourself to win. A process that allows you to consistently show up and enjoy your life, to consistently get results and win. Coaching is one of the most valuable tools that will grow you into who you want to be. Coaches are people who have a different perspective, to shift the game, and get whatever it is you want.
— Tony Robbins