ERYT200hrs |  Certified Life Coach

In great pursuit of the deeper meaning in nearly all things I had come to yoga with my eyes open to see and experience all that the practice had to offer. I fell in love with movement and the healing that naturally follows when we begin to open the closed parts of ourselves. My path in all ways is to connect. To become present and see, truly see. I've always had vision of community and family, creating a place where I could meet with others and learn, grow, laugh and share. I reside in a profound gratitude for the many people who guided me to where I am today, who have shown up for me and been my biggest cheerleaders. My accomplishments are indebted to all those who helped me along my journey.




Graham has, throughout his life, been drawn toward the things behind things, and after a foray into the sacred movement of Taoist Tai Chi, began to explore the path of Yoga in 2004, and has been continuously captivated by the blessings, challenges, purpose and harmony that it has brought to his life. Certified as a Hatha &Yin Yoga Instructor after spending time with teachers in British Columbia and Hawaii, Graham enjoys creating an atmosphere of warmth and stillness in his personal practice, which has allowed him to do so in his classes. Our lives demand such a myriad of mental and emotional calisthenics as we move through each day, and the gift of being able hold space together and let all this silt settle, so that we may see clearly into the warm still centre of ourselves and one another, is one to be cherished. Let's explore together. Om & Prem.



RYT500hrs | [ts] Paincare specialization

Janine is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-500) with specializations in trauma sensitive yoga [ts], restorative yoga, pain care yoga, myofascial release, and kids yoga. Janine aims to create accessible, inclusive, and safer classes for all bodies and ability levels through awareness, continual learning, language, and sequencing. They are currently studying psychology and yoga therapy. Janine loves to read, drink tea, spend time in nature, and looks forward to meeting you! 

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For Kevin, yoga is the practice of life. It provides the method, training ground and reality for fully and consciously moving through the world, for encountering all of life's twists and turns with grace, intelligence, and respect. The mirror of practice is one that will consistently provide the practitioner with a high fidelity reflection of themselves, strengths and weaknesses alike. To be living within the opportunity to develop precision and discrimination as this reflection is observed is an opportunity Kevin intends to make the most of. This opportunity is one that Kevin feels all should have equal potential to put to practice, and is at the root of what drives him to share this inspiration with all who seek.

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Emily Finn


Leading up to my first few formal experiences with yoga at 15, I believe this practice has always been patiently waiting for me to find it. When we finally made contact it felt like answering a very deep call that had always been there, seeking realization. It did not take long to dive in wholly and completely and from there, yoga and meditation have been the centre of my life’s work and inspiration. It is my main curiosity and interest, my lens through which I look at the world, the place I revere and come home to, and my highest devotion.

Yoga is a privilege to share because it bridges sensitivity and its silver linings, empowering people in the most honest and loving way by encouraging them to honour themselves where they are at. We are all undergoing growth and development at all times, and I am inspired to support you along the way!