Self Care. Small Classes. Community first.


Walk down a visual road if you will: It’s your day off so you decide that you’ll make the time to prioritize some ‘you’ time. You decide on yoga because of that amazing way you feel when you’re in the euphoria of Savasana and because your doctor told you to, and because it seems like it takes the weight of the world away, and you always feel better after a good class. So you get yourself ready and head out the door. Not walking but driving. Not 5 minutes but closer to 20. You arrive at the big box yoga studio where you walk in and your plastic key ring goes “bing!”, you pay $3 for a mat rental and you head into a large room where people are getting ready for the class. There are more people in this room than a 6th grade classroom. No one says much, they come in, set up, and the class begins. You have seen the teacher a few times and like her but can’t remember her name. There are over 30 people in this room and you’re looking around to know if you’re doing it right, because you can’t see the teacher as she demonstrates from the front. Somehow you feel a little lost. A little left out. The front desk girls say goodbye and you’re surprised that they even saw you. Back to the car. 20 minutes home. It was ok, but you wish there was more. A sense of community. A place you could walk to, a place where someone might know your name or ask about your kids, or help adjust you in “warrior one”.

Our studio started in the mind of a busy mom with three kids who knew that a little self care goes a long way. A yoga instructor who felt empty after teaching to a room of over 30 people, most of whom didn’t even know her name. It started one summer day when she noticed the “for lease” sign in the old staple ‘Wool Revival’ and she had an idea. An idea that wouldn’t cease, against all odds. The idea grew into a plan, to serve the beloved community where she lived. To have more plants than spots for yoga mats. To bring in teachers who were exceptional and connected and “felt good” when you see them.

Highlands Yoga Room was created out of the intention to connect people and bring wellness. This studio is one that will remember your name when you come, will know a neighbour or two of yours, and will welcome you excitedly each time you enter the door. 

The tiny studio that could.